Don't Let A Mentor Slow You Down

by Zach Briggs

Another common refrain I hear is "I need a mentor." This is probably because a relationship with a great mentor is a rare gift that should be protected and nourished. Those that were guided, hand-in-hand, by a mentor right from the beginning are super lucky. Let me tell you a little secret about me, though.

I didn't get here by waiting around to be mentored.

The best way to learn is going to be pretty specific to you, but you're going to need to do the heavy lifting on your own. Decide what you want out of life, perform some tutorials, solve some puzzles, attend a class, build some shit, or commit the important stuff to memory. These are verbs. Learn to love them.

You don't need a mentor and waiting around to find a good one could even slow you down. I'm not saying that you shouldn't ask for guidance, but don't use being on your own as an excuse. You got this. The verbs, remember?

Drop me a line if you get stuck, though. If you're against a brick wall and making no progress for more than half an hour, you're better off getting a hand from somebody like me rather than slogging through it on your own. I'll also be happy to pair with you or hop on a hangout for an hour or so and we can bounce ideas off each other. The various ways to contact me are listed here.

But don't treat me like a mentor. I'll just slow you down.