Effective Immediately: Promotion

by Zach Briggs

Effective immediately, all Junior Developers are hereby promoted to the position Developer. Developer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Being just as responsible for the success of The Project as the most senior member of the Team.
    • Gathering domain information relevant to the project and disseminating that knowledge to the Team. This may involve inviting somebody from Business or Sales out to lunch. Really.
    • Honestly and openly letting people know when the Developer does not know something. And taking the time to learn it afterwards.
    • Saying no when a request is made of the Developer that runs counter to their ethics, morals, or would involve working hours that negatively effect their personal life.
    • Acting as a Delegate and a Salesperson so long as this organization has done right by the Developer.
    • Informing Management as soon as the previously mentioned responsibility cannot be discharged so that Management has an opportunity to correct course.

    There is no associated pay increase. Congratulations.

     - Management