by Zach Briggs

Please stop the shame bullshit. 

I have an especially low level of tolerance for loud developers that cause quieter developers to feel bad for not writing code in a specific way. Making people feel crappy doesn't improve their code, it just makes them feel crappy while they write ineffective code.

Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.

That quote is from this piece on a public shaming ad campaign in NYC. Never mind the crushing, dehumanizing aspects of using shame to change the behavior of others as there is another aspect that's far more damning.

 It doesn't work.

It seems to me that as programmers we should be reviewing data on the efficacy of our technique and adapting appropriately. This applies to unit tests or using shaming language to convince others to unit test in a presentation, a book, or at work. The data is in on both of them. Unit tests work when written first and shaming others does not.