How to Get Your First Ruby Job

by Zach Briggs

The steps are simple but not easy; achievable by anybody who has successfully pushed a hello world website to Heroku. 

  1. Practice the Ruby on Rails Tutorial until you can implement Twitter from memory.
  2. Go to the local Ruby user group EVERY MONTH. More importantly, go to the bar with the group afterwards; even if you don't drink. Buy 1 beer for a hiring manager every time. Bring an ally if bars are problematic.

It was a short list. If you live in a city without a Ruby user group and writing Ruby makes you happy, then move. Seriously. Entry level remote junior positions do not exist, but after a year you will be able to find a distributed mid-level position and move back.

If you can't afford 1 beer a month for a hiring manager then I will mail you a $10 bill. If you are in the unfortunate position of needing to move, then I will help you find a couch to crash on in your target city. If there is another barrier in the way, email me and we'll work through this together.

Make it happen, because nobody is going to do this for you.