Dotfiles >> Git in 3 Minutes

by Zach Briggs

This is inspired by the last (for now) Destroy All Software screencast. I've been meaning to get my dotfiles back into source control for a long time now, but the various symlinking scripts are a royal pain in the ass; both to maintain and to setup for the first time. Somehow it never occurred to me to just, I don't know, add my files directly to git?

1. Start by ignoring everything by default.

$ ls -An >> .gitignore

2. Clean up .gitignore by replacing file info with a "/"


3. Initialize the repo

$ git init
$ git status

From here it's a matter of whitelisting the files that are going into source control by removing them from .gitignore and then committing/ pushing to a server. Mine are up on Github for anybody who is looking for the secret to an 8 mile long path.